Zoono Travel Pack


Perfect for travel.  The Zoono Travel Pack contains a 50ml Germfree24 foaming hand protectant and 50ml spray Zoono Surface protectant.  These packs are great for personal hand luggage on planes, trains, boats, even elephants!  Don't put yourself at risk while travelling.


Zoono Home Pack


Perfect for every home.  The Zoono Home Pack contains a 500ml Germfree24 foaming hand sanitiser and 500ml spray Zoono Surface sanitiser.  Also includes a handy 50ml bottle of Germfree24 foaming hand sanitiser that is small enough for travel bags or the glovebox of a car.


Zoono SkinClear


Zoono SkinClear is a very effective and safe way of treating acne vulgaris. 


Apply to the target area of skin 1 to 2 times a day, first thing in the morning and/or in the evening.  To get best results, clean the skin first to ensure Zoono can effectively bond for maximum benefit. 





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