Don’t think of VIPCARE as just another chemical supply company, we are hygiene specialists.
Specialists who provide the best in infection control, visiting facilities to insure they are clean and safe. We offer the following services:


Outbreak Control


Is there an outbreak of illness spreading through your work, home or day-care centre?


Our professional team can come to you for an assessment of the environment, fogging and products to prevent further outbreaks in the future.


Assessment, Training and Certification


We are happy to come to your facility and make an assessment of your environments, understand your needs, work with your concerns and provide a localised solution. We then work with you and your staff providing training to help get the best out of the Zoono products for your business or home.

Once the full solution is implemented, we provide certification to show that your business is using the Zoono products.


Professional Zoono Application


This involves applying Zoono through a ‘fogging’ process to give an effective yet economical application to all surfaces within a facility. The application of Zoono through this process not only removes any existing germs but also provides an on-going protection on the applied surfaces giving the foundation for the on-going Zoono solution.


Infection Control Education


Sometimes the basics are not that obvious! We provide education around infection control and management of common illnesses.


Request your organisations free health check now!


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