Zoono Odour Free quickly eliminates unwanted odours from rooms, automotive, shoes and textiles - all while sanitising!

Unlike traditional de-odourisers that rely on the principle of overpowering odours via a more powerful fragrance (i.e. masking)  the ZOONO​ Odour Free and Mini Fogger actually kills the odour causing bacteria meaning that the actual source of the odour has been eliminated.

These highly effective products are not only being used by discerning homeowners, but is also proven to be an important tool for professional cleaners and facilities (where odour is sometimes a problem) . And best of all, it works in just minutes!


The Zoono Mini Fogger is an effective and easy to use way of applying Zoono to larger areas.  Simply press the dispenser cap until it clicks and then leave until finished.  Perfect for deodourising and sanitising cars, vans and even buses!


Odour neutralizers & sanitisers 


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