Below are a list of FAQ's regarding VIPCARE's products and services, if you find that your question has not been answered by the list below please don't hesitate to send us an email with your specific questions​.



How does Zoono and GermFree24 work?

Zoono is a totally unique antimicrobial product. Zoono does not kill bacteria by poisoning. Instead it kills mechanically creating a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” that punctures and kills microbes when they come in contact with it. This means that there is no possibility of bacteria building up an immunity (i.e., no super-bugs).

Are chemical-based sanitisers more effective than Zoono and GermFree24?

The majority of hand sanitisers on the market today claim they kill 99.99% of germs. While this may be true, alcohol-based or other “poison-based” sanitisers are only effective while they are wet, which means they are effective for only a few minutes before re-infection begins again. Zoono kills 99.99% of germs but offers continuing efficacy for up to 30 days on surfaces and 24 hours on hands. On skin, this means you can apply Zoono once and you are protected all day long. To get similar efficacy from other products, you would need to apply them every few minutes which is not only impractical and costly but hazardous to your long-term health. On surfaces, most household sanitisers require you to leave the sanitiser on the surface for 10 minutes or more to “disinfect” or kill all the germs on the surface. Sadly, once these products are dry, germ build-up resumes. This is not so with Zoono. Once Zoono is applied and allowed to dry, that is when it starts working and continues to continuously protect for up to 30 days. We believe that makes Zoono a more effective sanitiser.

How do I apply Zoono and GermFree24?

Just follow the instructions on the label.  On hands, apply liberally, rub thoroughly to ensure full coverage and allow to dry. On surfaces apply Zoono via a trigger pack and allow approx. 10 minutes for drying. For commercial / technical applications, industry specific written protocols are recommended and are provided as required.


Is Zoono Z-71 Food Safe?

Yes. Zoono Z-71 has a New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) C-22, C-81, C-101-02 Approval plus further approvals from Asure Quality (NZ) and AQIS (Australia).

Is Zoono and GermFree24 'toxic' or can I use it around my children?

Yes it can be safely used around children, pets and plants alike. All products have a 'toxicity' level - including water. In the case of Zoono, it has a 'toxicity rating' similar to that of Vitamin C.


Is Zoono and GermFree24 harmful to the environment?

It is environmentally friendly. Zoono and GermFree24 is made from raw organic compounds and does not leach (i.e., seep off its host), so there is no harm to drains or waterways if Zoono or GermFree24 enters the system.

Are there any test results for the Zoono sanitisers?

Yes. Zoono sanitisers have been tested in accredited laboratories located in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Turkey, Taiwan, South Africa and Japan. Please use the request information email button at the top of the page if you would like more information.​

Don’t childcares have to use bleach as a disinfectant in their centres?

No. The Health and Safety Guidelines for Early Childhood Centres (Feb 2013) states that while bleach is recommended, alternative disinfectants can be used as long as there is scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness; which Zoono has.

Does using GermFree24 mean I don’t need to wash my hands?

No. While GermFree24 and Z-71 Surface Sanitiser are very effective at providing long term protection against pathogens, no sanitisers are a replacement for good cleaning and hand washing.


Will Zoono and GermFree24 discolour my clothes?

No. Zoono and GermFree24 is a liquid that is invisible on application. It forms an antimicrobial barrier on the skin and surfaces and will not stain clothing nor discolour skin.


Will GermFree24 wash or rub off?

No. GermFree24 does not rub off and will remain active on the skin's surface for 24 hours. Normal washing of the hands and drying with a towel will not affect efficacy. Please note, Zoono is not absorbed into the skin, but rather forms a durable covalent bond onto the surface.


How will my hands feel once I have applied GermFree24?

On application, the hands feel silky and moisturised without leaving a visible film or coating. A single application of GermFree24 will act like a glove, providing an invisible bond to the skin for 24 hours without the need for reapplication.


Should I apply GermFree24 more than once a day?

Typically no unless it is work protocol or the user washes their hands more than 15 times a day.  Normally after 24 hours, sufficient exfoliation has occurred and enough skin shed to warrant reapplication.


Will GermFree24 dry my hands and cause chapped skin?

No. Unlike other hand sanitisers that contain up to 80% alcohol which can chap and dry skin on the hands, GermFree24 is a mild but effective formulation. On application, GermFree24 leaves hands soft and moisturised.


When GermFree24 is applied to the hands will it allow the skin to function normally (eg. produce its own oil and sweat)?

Yes. GermFree24 does not inhibit the normal function of the skin. The antimicrobial layer produced by application of GermFree24 and which bonds to the skin is permeable to gases and allows the skin to "breath" normally.


Has GermFree24 been tested on a variety of skin types?

Yes. Dermatest in Germany has tested GermFree24 on a variety of skin types (older people, young people, fair skinned and dark skinned people etc) with zero reactions recorded.


How does ZoonoTex work?

ZoonoTex is a commercial textile concentrate based on the proven Zoono technology and is diluted depending on the fabric and the required efficacy. Tests confirm ZoonoTex continues to provide antimicrobial protection on fabrics even after 20 washes at 60ºC.


Why is ZoonoTex preferred over a silver based antimicrobial?

Silver ions have been infused into fabrics in the past as an antibacterial but are now being actively phased out (globally) as silver is not environmentally friendly.


Will the addition of ZoonoTex in a fabric alter it's 'feel'?

No. Regardless of whether the treatment is on fine silk or on denim overalls, the feel will remain the same.




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