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Zoono, a new, long lasting, anti-microbial treatment, harnesses revolutionary technology to sanitize and provide long lasting protection against a broad range of micro-organisms.



GermFree24, a hand-sanitizing spray, uses the same Zoono technology to protect your hands against 99.99% of germs for up to 24 hours. 

Zoono forms an anti-microbial film

When sprayed on a surface Zoono forms an invisible, transparent and durable anti-microbial film, which is bonded to the surface.

Disruption of micro-organism’s cell membrane

The active ingredient in Zoono, 3-Trimethoxy silyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl Ammonium Chloride, kills microbes using lysis, the disruption of a micro-organism’s cellular membrane. The Zoono molecules form a microscopic bed of molecular spikes. These spikes are long, pointed chains of atoms that pierce the cell walls of various microbes causing the micro-organism to die.


Zoono remains effective

Zoono works in a totally different way to conventional anti-microbial solutions, as it kills and inactivates microbes by piercing them with microscopic spikes rather than by poisoning them. Most conventional anti-microbials are consumed or used up their ability to affect the micro-organisms in a relatively short period of time. The spikes created by Zoono retain their effectiveness after contact with micro-organisms, similar to a sword that is capable of repeated use.

The mechanical, rather than chemical, destruction of microbes, also removes risk of micro-organisms acquiring immunity and becoming resistant.


Zoono is permanently bonded to the surface

Unlike older generation Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Zoono is chemically bonded to the surface by a Silane Polymerization Technology. Zoono is a water-soluble monomer in solution that converts on application and dries to a bonded polymeric, insoluble surface film. The silane proportion of the Zoono molecule allows Zoono to actually become part of the surface itself. This gives the product its longevity, as the active ingredient resists being washed off, and it is not de-activated by bacteria or other pathogens.


Unprecedented protection for up to 28 days

Just one application of Zoono has been shown to protect surfaces against micro-organisms for extended periods of up to 28 days, without the need for reapplication and irrespective of how many times the surface is washed-down. This provides unprecedented protection and is a distinct point of difference.

How to use Zoono


Why only treat sickness when you can prevent it?



Apply to hands once a day.


Germfree24 is not removed by typical hand washing.


Germfree24 doesn't take away from good hand washing.

Zoono Surface


Apply to key surfaces and touch points weekly, and all other surfaces monthly.


Zoono Surface is not removed by typical cleaning.


Zoono Surface is not a cleaner and does not remove the need for good cleaning, it just protects against germs on surfaces.

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